Jackie & Khanh – Zion National Park Engagement

Happy 2017!

Its been a quite a journey of twists and turns for Jackie & Khanh. He was never her type or intention and yet he pursued her until her heart was eventually won over. After all, love works in mysterious ways. Jackie may be strong and polished on the outside, but sometimes a girl just wants someone who can treat her like his princess… to protect and love her like she deserves. I love that they make each other better: Jackie’s strong morals and faith and Khanh’s kindness and silliness. Together, they’re quite dynamic!

In 2016, Jackie made it her resolution to hike 42 times. Lucky for Khanh.. her goals became his, haha! They both really enjoy getting away from their chaotic lifestyle to enjoy the peaceful outdoors. It was no surprise we decided to go forth with Zion National Park for their engagement photos! I’ll admit, I was petrified I wouldn’t survive going up with all my equipment, but it was one of the most exhilarating hikes ever. We helped each other in the scorching sun, chain climbs, and death dropping cliffs until we all made it up where the Angels landed 🙂 Immediately, they whipped out her clothes and make up and wa lah!

For Day Two, we got wet and low in the Narrows!

Julia Morgan Ballroom Wedding – Julie + Daniel – San Francisco

They had their careers set and was ready for love. But after many failed tries, it can become discouraging. Then they decided to take a chance and sign up for a profile on Match.com. After more failed encounters, it again becomes discouraging. Just when Julie was about to give up, she opens her profile and sees Daniel’s message… everything just matched up from there. Insert *Heavenly music* When you finally find your person who compliments your soul perfectly, you can’t help but get excited. She even went ahead and booked her dream wedding at the timeless Julia Morgan Ballroom before he got to propose, so cute! They’re probably the most organized and prepared couple I’ve ever worked with. They even planned how to do their first kiss for a better photo for me haha! And the wedding was just as perfect as them. Anyways, Julie and Daniel teach us an important lesson of never giving up on believing that there’s someone out there tailored made just us. It really doesn’t matter where you met, as long as just meet them already! For all you online couples (including myself), be proud of your story 🙂

Venue: Julia Morgan Ballroom
Photobooth: Mr Photobox
Coordinator: I Do x Two – Saundra Anderson
Make-up/Hair: Salt Spell Beauty
Videographers: Anchor Cinema
Officiant: Gary Tran (Bride’s Brother)
Cake Topper: The Rosemarry Toppers
Florist: Mochi’s Flowers
DJ: Twin Spin
Loving the venue’s intricate detailing She looked amazing, Andrea! Used their wedding invitation for this Bay ringshot

Their first look was everything and more. They looked stunning and couldn’t be more stunned.

Had to sneak them for some shots around Downtown San Francisco!
Just because she’s the most organized bride ever, we we had extra time for more photos!
Gary did a great job officiating for his own sister’s wedding!

San Francisco Wedding - Photobooth - Mr Photobox My clients get $50 off my Mr Photobox Photobooth! #Packagedeal 🙂

Coronado Island Engagement – Jenny & Liam

I love, love, love that Jenny and Liam decided to do their engagement session around their beautiful condo in Coronado (so lucky!). Sometimes its best to keep things personal, simple, and sweet. They were so comfortable and had no problem being their goofy selves. I couldn’t stop smiling at them the entire time. You’ll see what I mean… seriously though, #relationshipgoals


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