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I knew I wanted to be photographer when I fell in love with love. It became contagious finding beauty in the world. Having the privilege to not only capture, but create these images, makes me feel like superwomen. The camera and lens is an extension of my heart and mind. My work is simply a reflection of your stories. I love documenting those beautiful chapters and re-telling the tales. Its your beginning, your accomplishments, your soulmate, your roots. Lets celebrate your moment.

Random Facts.. 1, 2, 3 GO!

"Thai" is just my last name, but I do LOVE Thai food =P


I'm fighting everyday to not forget how to speak Teochew so that I can remain somewhat bilingual

Youtube-ing pets & proposals makes me oh so very happy

If I can be any object, it would be an airplane so that I can fly all over the world <3

My dad and brothers are wedding cinematographers, my sisters and I are wedding photographers. Guess its a family thing!

Yes, badminton is a sport!

Mistakes are steppings stones to success

Ellen Degeneres should be my best friend

Unconsciously open refrigerators at people's houses

Please take care of the planet

I'm guilty of the bachelor(ette) series. They have great shots!

The microwave is my hero, Toasters scare me

"Facebook!" "Instagram!" #jennythaiphotography

Talent can take you far, but ambition will take you farther

I'm happiest putting on some good music to wobble or freestyle along to, never said I was good at it

Jeans, t-shirt, sandals, Done! ...maybe a summer dress when I want to feel girly

Oh, and I would LOVE to take your picture =)


Photography is a place to bring out the human in me, the soul in me, the love in me

Jenny Thai Photography

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