And She Arrives – San Diego Newborn Photography

Not long after we did Kevin and Khou’s maternity photoshoot, Charlotte arrived! She was everything they wanted and more. I’m so glad they booked the Maternity and Newborn Package with me so I could follow up and document this beautiful life changing experience. We had so many fun ideas for the newborn shoot and my camera just LOVED her. hehe =D
Love her cute little birth mark <3 Embracing her Hmong roots!

San Diego Beach Maternity Photography


Month by Month
Week by Week
Day by Day
We wait for your arrival so we can say,
“Hello,  we’re your Mommy and Daddy”
“Happy Birthday”

Kevin and Khou were experiencing an amazing pregnancy as they await for their first child. She had no crazy or painful symptoms and felt more alive than ever before. Kevin was 100% supportive and couldn’t wait to be a Father. Its times like this when you really start to think about your purpose and meaning in life. During the months prepping with baby diapers, painting the nursery room, watching training videos, and even swallowing some fear, something just changes in you. They wanted to remember this special period and asked me to photograph her maternity. It was such a pleasure to capture them glowing inside and out.

Bilal - September 20, 2014 - 1:51 pm

Are you available Oct 11 after 4pm?How much for 7 auldts and 2 kids?Is there a location in your area (or between you and us in North Surrey) that you would recommend?I want whole family & individual families (4)I know this is short notice but wanted it before weather turns and always wanted a fall photo with the leaves turning

When a Friendship Blossoms

When I think back to Chris and Crystal’s anniversary shoot, its easy to be reminded of how simple things used to be. There were no crazy mind games, no betrayal, no dark secrets, no drama… just cute feelings like friendship, crushing, flirting, butterflies, and hope that its all mutual. These love birds attended the same church for a few years without ever crossing each other’s paths. But in the summer of 2011, they finally met in a Google hangout session that their mutual church friends were having. Within 2 months, they grew from strangers to best friends. They just seemed to click. They both liked each other but assumed that the other didn’t so they never brought it up. “Basically, we friend-zoned ourselves!”, said Chris, until one day he decided he had to confess. It was Friday the 13th in October… “the odds were against me… but, she said she liked me too!!!! Ever since then, our love for each other has never stopped growing!” haha just #toocute. When you feel there’s something special between you and someone, all it can take is a heartfelt confession and you’ll just never know if you end up in front of my lens. 😉 These photos are just beaming with joy, enjoy!
Crystal made these amazing vintage bird cages!
I can’t get over their matching moon eyes smiles!


I honestly believe there’s a mystery and beauty about the timing of meeting that person. We all grew up watching disney movies and fantasize about our own fairytale one day. We waited patiently.. then impatiently. We cried through heart breaks and question the challenges life throws at us. But as we grow and mature, there’ll come a time when we realize the fullness one can obtain by simply loving ourselves. You finally stop searching and start discovering. You find yourself instead and before you know it, you’re happy. Only then, the universe surprises you with a mystery that’ll complete you at a whole new level. It fills and consume you, you can’t live without it. It’s this time when you realize that everything has a purpose, that you have to go through the things you went through in order to be ready for moments like this. Some like to call it love, others call it destiny. When I met Danny and Binh, I knew they were meant for each other. They’re such wonderful people individually but together, its a completeness. This inspired me throughout their engagement photoshoot and I really wanted to capture and share it. The day was splattered with colors, warmth, and a giant red balloon.

Love at First Sight

It’s something you would expect to hear from a book or movie. Linda was working hard waiting table to table at her restaurant when Derrick walked in. Instantly, he was captivated by her beauty and charm. Throughout his entire meal catching glances of her, he gathered the guts to make a move. He was nervous but determined, knowing he wouldn’t forgive himself if he didn’t do something… So he slipped out a pen and wrote his number on a napkin for her before he left. She was flattered by the adorable gesture and it wasn’t long before she contacted him. Little did she know at the time, he was exactly what she was looking for and more. And now here they are, celebrating the beginning of their lives together in a sophisticated gorgeous wedding. Love always seem to catch us off guard, especially at first sight. =)

Morning: Hotel Palomar
Church: Corpus Christi Catholic Church
Coronado San Diego
Reception: Jasmine Seafood Restaurant 


Love the kimono wedding trend!! Sigh* the design of this hotel just inspires me.

F a c e b o o k
t w i t t e r