Wedding at the Palace of Fine Arts and Fairmont Hotel – San Francisco

Sometimes life can get a little crazy. Whether its drama at work, unexpected incidents, or ongoing stress, it can bring out the worst in us. Everyday becomes rushed, a routine you can’t escape. Soon enough, some forget the art of humanity and how to uplift the purpose of living no matter what comes. I’m talking about finding the inner essence that makes us grow happier and stronger. And then at times, you’ll come across people who seem to have mastered this. They’re filled with a light of some kind that instantly uplifts your spirit. Things slow down and for the first time in a while, you feel the sincerity and generosity of another. When I walked into the coffee shop for our consultation meeting, Johana and Matthew made this very strong first impression on me. =)

I began photographing while I was going through a busy time in college. I remember my days were a constant struggle between building my portfolio, sharing a car with my siblings, working long hours at the boba shop, social life, and sleepless nights battling my need to be a perfectionist in achieving those (not as important) straight A’s. Photography was my escape and I never thought it would turn out to be my full time career today! But when I met Johana & Matthew, they whole heartedly believed in me even though I was just starting out. This was almost 3 years before their San Francisco wedding last year!

They’re the kind of people who don’t come by easy.. just full of love, light, passion, kindness, and humor. Better yet, their love for one another is unlike any I’ve seen. They’ve very different in personality and but it just works. Johana is the passionate dreamer, believer and joker while Matthew is the supporter, rock, and gentle kindness. Put them together, expect a playful and loving relationship full of pranks and laughs. Together, they can overcome anything. I just love being around their energy and feel blessed to be a part of their gorgeous wedding in the Bay Area. October 06, 2013 finally came around and they flew us out to document their big day.

Videographers: Everlasting Video Wedding

Florist: Tess Fresh Flowers

Venue: Fairmont Hotel and Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco

We began with a Traditional Chinese Wedding Ceremony They’re so sweet! This prestigious Fairmont Hotel was where Matthew proposed to Johana so the location is very fitting!

And now, off to the jaw dropping palace… They decided to braid their marriage together , awesome idea! Love getting shots of parent/family reactions through the wedding I was a kid at a candy shop shooting at the Palace of Fine Arts =P Then of course, Matthew must a shot with his bridge at Crissy Field! Just married and now off to the party, SF style! Classy Dancers

Kay - July 13, 2014 - 1:24 pm

Wow! Love the color, background angles, and details captured in this album. My cousin got married at the art place too and her pictures don’t compare to this! Wonderful job.

admin - July 17, 2014 - 4:21 am

Thank you so much ! This venue was so inspiring ๐Ÿ™‚

2014 Instagram Valentine Winners: Voleake & Danny!

And here are the other winners from Valentine. These two had a crazy number of supporters getting them votes on my new instagram @jennythaiphotography. After meeting and getting to work with them, I now know why! They’re infectious to look at and brought so much chemistry to the shoot. Its great to have the opportunity to work with amazing young couples who aren’t afraid of putting themselves out there and showing the world how much they care about each other. Here are some of my favorites from their shoot, enjoy!

Kay - July 13, 2014 - 1:42 pm

If you ever have a tutorial class $$ session on how to’s for taking photos and editing this whole album is perfect! I’d sign up. Love the beach filter photos, light settings, and night flashlight scribble.

2014 Facebook Valentine Winners: Emily & Simpson!

When I first began photographing, a large portion of my followers were young enthusiastic people/friends (high school – college), many of whom were heads over heels in love! I’m so thankful to have such strong supporters who understand my style and motive behind this art. But lets face it, photoshoots take hard work and can be pricey for some. So four years ago, I started my first Valentine Contest on Facebook for a romantic photoshoot giveaway. All couples had to do was submit a photo and write 5 facts about their relationship. I remembered how nervous I was because I didn’t know if any couple would even put themselves out there and enter. At the time, even questioned if it was even worth it. But to my surprise, the contest grew into a collection of beautiful love stories. Not only did it help me get my name out there, but I was so inspired by their love. Since then, it became a tradition for me to give a shoot to one lucky couple every year.

I relied on the “Like” button as a voting mechanism so at times things got competitive up til the last minutes. This year, I wanted to give two winners a shoot and make it more relaxed. I threw a random draw contest on my Facebook and placed the voting contest on my new Instagram (Follow me @jennythaiphotography). People were allowed to enter either or both. The winner on Instagram was Voleake and Danny! I remember they were head to head with second place. But to my surprise, I randomly drew second place out of a basket as my Facebook winner (proof video was posted on Facebook)! I messaged Emily and Simpson and they went from bummed out to ecstatic! Its just crazy how things work out. Thank you to everyone who entered this year! I will be posting both winner’s photoshoots. This is Emily and Simpon’s adorable vintage park shoot, enjoy!
Open Happiness =)

May the Force be with Us – Star Wars Engagement San Diego

One of the most beautiful things about love is being able to openly express and share your creativity and interests with one another. You not only find a partner in life but in all things that makes you YOU. This is what I immediately noticed when I met Marlene and Vince. They’re such fun and interesting individuals but together, its a whole new galaxy. I’m talking about hardcore Star Wars fans, dun dun dun! This was the underlying theme throughout their wedding and photos. We all had a vision and I hope I executed it well. I will post their gorgeous Star Wars wedding soon so check back. Enjoy!!

We began the shoot with some loving playful photos in the woods.
Their such a work of art, seriously! Jedi training!!

Wouldn’t be complete without a binary sunset and ATATs If you can imagine it, its real. My buddy R2 helping me out with lighting ๐Ÿ˜‰

F a c e b o o k
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